If you’re new to yoga, take a moment to familiarize yourself with some common yoga etiquette and our class guidelines at Dwell Yoga Studio. Having a common set of guidelines that we all follow helps ensure a quiet, tranquil atmosphere with minimal distractions for each student.

  1. Arrive Early. (Especially if it’s your first class.) Give yourself amply time to find a space, unroll your mat and collect your props (any blankets, bolsters, blocks or straps you need to modify poses) without disturbing anyone. It also gives you an opportunity to get into the right mind-set.
  2. No Late Entries Permitted. If you are late, wait until after the teacher’s opening meditation/breathwork is complete before entering (I.e. when you see the students begin to move on the mat); otherwise you are interrupting the class while it is trying to get grounded. Please NOTE: we are a small studio and may not always have a staff member at the front desk. In this instance, the front door will lock when class starts to ensure everyone’s safety and late entry will not be permitted.
  3. Plan to stay for the whole class. If you must leave early, let the teacher know, and do it before savasana, the period of final relaxation at the end of class. Place your mat near the door, and quietly step out. Whether coming or going, try not to step on anyone’s mat.
  4. Remove your shoes before entering. You can leave them outside the door or carry them in and place them in a cubby. This helps keep the floor that we are walking barefoot on clean.
  5. Put your cellphone on DO NOT DISTURB.  This is so you can fully disconnect and others won’t be disturbed. If, you have to have access to your phone (i.e. you have children who need to be able to reach you), you may leave it next to you on silent, but please exit the studio if you must respond.
  6. Let the instructor know about any physical issues and preferences. If you have a problem such as a bad back or a frozen shoulder, let the instructor know before class. If you are pregnant, tell the instructor before class begins.
  7. Respect yourself and others.  Your teacher has spent considerable time planning the class you attend and has thoughtfully sequenced the poses with a goal in mind, including your safety. Listen to your body and if you need to take a modification, please do so. However, creating your own flow is distracting to your fellow yogis. Remember, yoga is a collective, dynamic practice, and you are an individual within the collective.  Your actions have an impact on the people around you, and you have to be responsible for your how your energy impacts the space. Even if you’re more advanced, try your best to stay with the rest of the class so you don’t confuse your neighbors.
  8. Clean up after class. Wipe down any borrowed mats after practice and spray blocks on the rubber tray to air dry. Place towels/linens in wire basket. Please fold and return blankets to the shelf.