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Classes and Services


We are committed to providing our valued customers with faith-filled classes during this time of COVID-19. While we continue to practice social distancing, Texas has allowed for the re-opening of fitness centers. Our studio is providing a modified schedule with a limited number of spots in each class, allowing us to practice with 6 feet of distance between mats. We recognize that many of our students are not quite ready to return to the studio, thus we will continue to offer a live-stream option for current members. These are broadcast on our private Facebook page. To purchase a studio or online access pass, click here.

In addition to offering a reduced class size, we have resumed our infrared sauna appointments and Pilates Reformer sessions.


Dwell Yoga provides a variety of classes to meet the diverse needs, interests, and abilities of our clientele through a Christ-centered yoga experience. For those seeking the health benefits of a heated practice, we offer infrared heated classes (up to 95F). Scroll down to view a list of our class descriptions. To view the schedule or make a reservation, click the schedule tab.


Dwell Yoga offers private infrared therapy sessions in its Sunlighten Solocarbon far infrared room. These patented Solocarbon panels are proven 95% emissive, meaning that 95% of the energy being produced is in the therapeutic range to increase core body temperature for a deep, detoxifying sweat. This is the active ingredient that has been clinically shown to lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss, and support detoxification, making it a perfect complement to a yoga practice as they assist in overall health and wellness. Follow this link for more information. Sessions can be purchased and scheduled on line through the scheduling tab beginning March 15, 2020, or by contacting the studio: or 469-305-3767


Pilates can be the perfect complement to yoga practice as it focuses on alignment, core strength, joint mobility, and the lengthening of the body. It’s an ideal choice for beginners wishing to gain core strength, those recovering from injury who are seeking to gain mobility and strength, and for the fitness pro wanting to take their regime to the next level. Pilates Reformer sessions are conducted by Paula Stanton, a STOTT certified instructor. Contact the studio for pricing information and to make an appointment: or 469-305-3767.


Private Yoga Sessions can be scheduled with many of Dwell Yoga’s certified Yoga Instructors. Private instruction can be the perfect fit for new yogis who desire to learn the poses and breath work of yoga in an intimate setting, or for those who wish to deepen their practice. Sessions are one-hour in length and can be split between two people. Contact the studio for pricing and scheduling: or 469-305-3767

Holy Yoga Therapy Sessions are conducted by Cynthia Newton, r-HYT. Cynthia has completed advanced training in health, healing, skeletomuscular education, bodywork techniques, meditation and breath work for therapeutic yoga purposes. Yoga Therapy is an ideal choice for those suffering from acute or chronic conditions, those recovering from injury, athletes, and others with specific concerns.  Contact the studio for pricing and scheduling: or 469-305-3767


Deep Stretch (Level 1) (Gently Heated)

Experience the benefits of deep stretching such as releasing tight muscles, improving range of motion, a deeper sense of relaxation and release and workout recovery. The room is lightly warmed to 80F with infrared heat, enhancing joint mobility and flexibility. This class is appropriate for all activity level and body types. Students who are new to yoga, as well s athletes and others who experience tight muscles will enjoy and benefit from a deep stretch.

Hatha / Beginner Yoga (Level 1) (Non-heated)

Hatha yoga emphasizes static postures. Expect to hold poses for longer periods of time, learning proper alignment and adjustments/modifications to fit your body. This is a great place for beginners to learn the postures of a yoga practice as well as those who are working on strength, stability, and control. Relaxation techniques, breath work and meditation are also key components of this class.

Hot Vinyasa (Level 2) (Heated)

A fun, upbeat class that combines movement and breath, designed to awaken your body, mind, and spirit. This infrared heated class ranges from 90-95F. Be prepared to move, sweat, stretch and breathe into a powerful physical practice that is 100% yoga and 100% Jesus.  Some yoga experience recommended.

Restorative Stretch (Level 1) (Gently Heated)

Restorative stretch classes begin with gentle movement and deep stretching to target the major muscle groups of the body, and concludes with balancing restorative postures to calm the body and mind. This class will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. This class is gently heated between 80-85F, which assists in warming the muscles, allowing them to open up for a greater range of motion.

While following COVID-19 safety protocols, we are not able to provide props for the restorative part of class. Please bring your own beach towel or lightweight blanket that can be rolled or folded, a small towel or eye pillow and any other props you may have such as blocks or straps.

Slow Flow (Level 1) (Non-heated)

This is a slower paced class that includes the fundamental postures of yoga with the traditional vinyasa flow. Breath work and meditation are key concepts of this class. A great class for beginners to begin linking breath with movement as well as experienced yogis looking for a place to work on alignment and perseverance.

Vinyasa (Level 1-2) (Not-heated)

Vinyasa flow is an energetic class that flows with the breath through traditional hatha yoga postures. This class includes elements of strength building, endurance and flexibility. Modifications are always given to accommodate for various levels. Because vinyasa is a more energetic practice that moves with the breath, some yoga experience is preferred.

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