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Classes and Services

Dwell Yoga provides a variety of classes to meet the diverse needs, interests, and abilities of our clientele through a Christ-centered yoga experience. For those seeking the health benefits of a heated practice, we offer infrared heated classes (up to 90F). Please check the schedule and class descriptions as not all classes are heated.


All Level Flow (Level 1 and 2) (Non-heated)

A vinyasa style flow with modifications makes this class accessible for both new and experienced yogis. Students can expect to grow their practice both mentally and physically in this 75 minute class  that includes a 60 minute physical practice and 15 minute savasana/meditation.

Core Heat (Level 1 and 2) (Gently-Heated)

A gently heated class (80-85F) that emphasizes the development of core strength. Be prepared to sweat, move, stretch, balance and focus while developing a strength that emanates from the core outwards.

Gentle (Level 1) (Non-heated)

A softer, slower-paced class that gently explores postures and breath work. A great class for beginners, students who are returning to their practice after illness or injury, and for those just looking for an opportunity to rest in God’s grace. All levels are welcome.

Power Yoga (Level 2) (Heated) 

In this high energy class, you can expect to move, sweat, and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit. A challenging, yet encouraging 45-minute flow. This class is heated up to 90-degrees.

Restorative (Level 1) (Gently-Heated)

Restorative yoga seeks to gently open the body by slowing down and holding postures with the use of props to support body weight. This class will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed. This class is gently heated between 80-85F, which assists in warming the muscles, allowing them to open up for a greater range of motion.

Slow Burn (Level 2) (Heated) 

This is a slower paced class that combines fundamental postures with an emphasis on core strength, alignment and perseverance with the added element of infrared heat. This class is heated up to 90-degrees.

Soul Care Yoga (Level 1) (Non-heated)

This class teaches participants how to reconnect with their breath, bodies, and brain in a safe, calm environment through meditation, prayer, breath work and yoga. This class is appropriate for those managing stress, anxiety, and survivors of trauma (physical and/or emotional). This is not a substitute for counseling, nor does counseling take place in this class. However, skills are taught to help release tension, reduce stress, and control fear and arousal.

Hot Vinyasa (Level 2) (Heated)

A fun, upbeat class that combines movement and breath, designed to awaken your body, mind, and spirit. This infrared heated class ranges from 85-90F. Be prepared to move, sweat, stretch and breathe into a powerful physical practice that is 100% yoga and 100% Jesus.  Students in this class will work toward the studio’s pose of the month. All levels welcome. Some yoga experience recommended.

Yoga Basics (Level 1) (Non-Heated)

A class designed for beginners to learn the essential poses of yoga or for those interested in learning the mechanics and alignment of key postures. This class repeats every four weeks. Students may join at any time.

Yin/Yang Fusion (Level 1) (Non-Heated) NEW CLASS

This class is a combination of yin flow, which includes poses that are held longer to stretch the connective tissues, induce the body to relax, and build a more energetic flow for all levels. This combination of a Christ-centered yin/yang style ensures that students get into the deep recesses of the body, mind, and spirit leaving them feeling calm, peaceful, and balanced.

Yin (Level 1) (Non-heated) 

Yin yoga utilizes passive, yet challenging postures to stretch the connective tissues surrounding the joints (ligaments, tendons, and fascia.) Yin at Dwell uses these postures to assist in flexibility, release deep-seated energies, and prepare the body and mind for relaxation and Christian meditation.

Yoga Bootcamp (Level 2) 

In this Bootcamp-inspired class, you will tone, strengthen and stretch. Building upon the alignment and foundation of yoga postures, light weights, bands, and straps are added to sculpt and burn. All levels are welcome to participate. Modifications are given to accommodate all fitness levels. As in all Dwell Yoga classes, expect to have your body, mind, and spirit energized. Classes open and end in prayer and move to inspirational music.



Youth Stretch Clinics (Non-heated) (Available as a special series during the school year and for private group sessions)

A deep stretch (dynamic and static) designed for teens (boys and girls) ages 12-18 involved in sports, athletics and competitive training. Students will learn stretching techniques, mindfulness and breathing exercises in a Christ-centered environment to enhance their physical and mental performance both on and off the field, court, stage, etc. In an era of singular, specialized sports, growing bodies need to be exposed to opportunities to balance the body, engage under-utilized muscle groups and support healthy joints and their stabilizing muscles. The result of such training results is less injury and greater performance.

Young Yoginis (Non-heated) (Available as a special series during the school year and for private group sessions)

This fun class is geared toward elementary age children ages 6-11. Young yogis learn about yoga postures and breath work in a safe, non-competitive environment to develop strength, flexibility, focus, and coordination. Fun worship music and biblical principles such as kindness, peace, joy, patience, and self-control are weaved into this 45-minute class.


Infrared Sauna, Pilates Reformer, Private Yoga Sessions and Yoga Therapy

We offer individual infrared sauna sessions, Pilates Reformer sessions, private and semi-private yoga sessions and yoga therapy.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas are a perfect complement to yoga practice as they assist in overall health and wellness. Infrared light has been shown to assist in detoxification, relaxation, anti-aging, weight loss, pain relief, and circulation. Infrared Sauna Sessions are booked through The Sauna Room. Click to learn more or book your appointment.

Pilates Reformer

Pilates can be the perfect complement to yoga practice as it focuses on alignment, core strength, joint mobility, and the lengthening of the body. It’s an ideal choice for beginners wishing to gain core strength, those recovering from injury who are seeking to gain mobility and strength, and for the fitness pro wanting to take their regime to the next level. Pilates Reformer sessions are conducted by Paula Stanton, a STOTT certified instructor.

Private Yoga

Private Yoga Sessions can be scheduled with any of Dwell Yoga’s certified Yoga Instructors. Private instruction can be the perfect fit for new yogis who desire to learn the poses and breath work of yoga in an intimate setting, or for those who wish to deepen their practice. Sessions are one-hour in length and can be split between two people.

Yoga Therapy

Holy Yoga Therapy Sessions are conducted by Cynthia Newton, r-HYT. Cynthia has completed advanced training in health, healing, skeletomuscular education, bodywork techniques, meditation and breath work for therapeutic yoga purposes. Yoga Therapy is an ideal choice for those suffering from acute or chronic conditions, those recovering from injury, athletes, and others with specific concerns. Sessions range from $60-80. Contact the studio for pricing.

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