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Classes and Services

Where to find Dwell Yoga Classes

Beginning March 11th, you can attend Dwell Yoga classes at Kasa Yoga Frisco. Kasa will be hosting Dwell Yoga on Mondays at 8:30AM for Gentle Yoga; and Wednesday at 10:30AM for Strengthen & Stretch.

Additional Days/Locations TBD

Small groups can still request private sessions with Dwell. We can host your group at Kasa Yoga Frisco or at your own location. For more information, contact us at


All Dwell Yoga classes are taught by Holy Yoga trained instructors and include the elements of biblical meditation, breathwork, traditional yoga asanas (postures) and worship music. A full description of our classes is listed below.  CLICK HERE for Class Schedule.

All Level Vinyasa Flow

This is a traditional vinyasa yoga class that moves fluidly with postures with the guidance of the breath. This class is appropriate for yogis of all levels, however some yoga experience is beneficial. Options will be given to modify or advance your practice to fit your needs and goals.

Gentle Yoga 

A softer, slower-paced class that gently explores postures, breath work and meditation. A great class for beginners, students who are returning to their practice after illness or injury, and for those of us just looking for an opportunity to rest in God’s grace. All levels are welcome.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga emphasizes static postures rather than “flow”. Expect to hold poses for longer periods of time, learning proper alignment and adjustments/modifications to fit your body. This is a great place for beginners to learn the postures of a yoga practice as well as those who are working on strength, stability, and control. Relaxation techniques, breath work and meditation are also key components of this class.

Restorative Yoga Restorative yoga is a practice that slows the body and allows it to open through passive stretching using yoga tools such as bolsters, straps, blocks and blankets (studio provided). Long holds and the use of props to support the body allow the muscles to relax deeply, creating a state of rest and renewal. All levels welcome, no experience needed.

Slow Flow

This is a slower paced class that includes the fundamental postures of yoga with the traditional vinyasa flow. Breath work and meditation are key concepts of this class. A great class for beginners to begin linking breath with movement as well as experienced yogis looking for a place to work on alignment and perseverance.

Strengthen & Stretch

This combination class includes elements of Hatha yoga to build strength followed by deep stretches to release tight muscles, improve range of motion, and facilitate a deeper sense of relaxation and workout recovery. This class is appropriate for all activity levels and body types. Students who are new to yoga, as well as athletes and others who experience tight muscles will enjoy and benefit from a deep stretch.

Yoga Fusion 

Dwell Yoga Fusion classes blend the breath work of yoga with traditional postures as well as elements from other fitness disciplines such as Pilates, barre, weights, etc. Fusion classes expose the body to new movement patterns that help develop strength, balance, flexibility and mindfulness. All levels welcome.

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