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The word dwell is a verb meaning “to be” and “to live”. It also denotes the action of lingering, pondering or being motionless for a certain interval of time. In biblical terms, dwell is used to communicate the messages of abiding, remaining, or settling down.

When we come on to our mats, we have the opportunity to dwell. We can just be, with no pretenses or judgements.  We can experience newness of life. Here we can ponder our thoughts, lingering in the peace that is produced from the movement of our bodies and the stillness of our minds. And we can abide and settle into God’s love for us.

In the Old Testament, God directed His people to build a holy sanctuary in His Honor where He could dwell among them (Exodus 25:8). For followers of Jesus, this dwelling place is not restricted by time or space. God’s presence-filled place that He longs to dwell with us in is accessible anytime, anywhere. It is a place where we can spend quality time with Him even in the frenzied world around us.

Dwell Yoga seeks to provide this place of quiet refuge, where you can make your own dwelling place with the Lord on your mat. We provide a variety of Christ-centered classes in an intimate setting for individuals of all levels and beliefs. You will not find preachy instructors or Sunday-type sermons here, instead you will find yourself being lead through your practice by highly experienced teachers who just happen to love Jesus and yoga.


Maureen Beville

MS, Owner, R-HYI, R-HY Therapist
Paula Staunton Yoga Instructor

Paula Stanton

RYT-500, Yoga and Pilates Reformer Instructor

Amy Parra


Interested in becoming  a HOLY YOGA instructor?


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