A New Year is Upon Us

As we look forward to a New Year, many of us take time to visualize, imagine or meditate on a word(s), attribute(s), or goal(s) we would like to see come to fruition in the coming months. If this is you, can I also encourage you during this time of reflection, to also take time to just daydream with God about what lies ahead? God longs for us to set time aside to be with Him – to think and wonder and dream, with Him at the center.

Delight Ourselves in Him

Psalm 37:4 says to delight in the Lord and He will give us the desires of our hearts. When we spend time with God, delighting in His presence, being still to hear His quiet voice in our hearts, we create opportunity and space for Him to fill. He plants desires in our hearts that eventually become our own. His longings become our longings before we know it, and His dreams for us become our own. Over time, what we want and desire are in alignment with that of our Father’s. We find our delight in Him, not the superficial, short-term desires that come from putting our will at the center of our lives.

Psalm 37 isn’t about delighting in God so that we get everything that we want. It’s about pursing our Creator, making space to hear from Him and aligning our hearts with His. And in time, His goals, desires and dreams become our goals, desires and dreams in which He willfully gives so that we may experience full, abundant life.

Make Room Consciously

How will you make space in 2019? For some of us, that may look like intentional quiet time over a cup of coffee each morning. For others, they may find they commune best with their Creator in His creation – on a trail or on a brisk walk. For me, I relish the quiet moments of savasana after a sweaty yoga class. When I feel my breathe and my heart beat, gratitude for a body that is able to move and breathe in His presence. When I invite Him to move in and through me and to fill the spaces I created. I ask for more of Him and less of Me.


When 2017 began, I made goal of “making space for God”. Some days and weeks were better than others, but the intention of my heart was good. Over the course of the next year, God planted the seed of a yoga studio in my heart.  I can honestly say for a long time, it wasn’t yet my dream. I was scared, I felt unqualified, but I wanted to be obedient to what He was doing in me. So I spent a lot of time, praying and conversing with Him, and eventually He made His dream for me my own. His will for me, His overwhelming goodness and His grace then (and now) was more than I could imagine for myself.


If you’d like to join me or any of our amazing instructors at Dwell, there is a space waiting for you. When I opened Dwell in October, I wanted to create a space for people to still, a place to get away and hear the quiet voice of God – a Dwelling place. Just this week, a sweet client told me, “I needed ‘me’ time this morning. To really hear His voice and remind me that I’m good enough, no matter what that looks like. I truly feel my mind and body being transformed. I carry myself differently now. With a new strength I’ve never had.”


This is what Dwell is all about.




Owner & Instructor

Dwell Yoga Studio