Join the 40-Day Challenge!

Join us Monday, January 11 as we adventure together on a journey to strengthen our entire being – body, mind and spirit.

Our goal is to simply live each day fully so that we can walk in the purpose God created for us.

Each day of the challenge, we will encourage each other to move, study and pray.

  • Move: Any physical activity minutes count; however, work toward a goal of at least 30 minutes of movement 5 days a week. This includes walking, yoga, cycling, etc.
  • Study: Join our online bible study using the free First 5 App. Join our group using code: a7a3
    We will be journeying together through a 40-day virtual study of the bible titled “The Answers to Your Deepest Longing”.
  • Pray: Nurture your spirit by spending quiet time with God each day in prayer, meditation or journaling. Again, any amount of time counts; however, work towards at least 10 minutes each day.

Pick up a tracking sheet in the studio or download one here.

In the 40-day Challenge there are no winners or losers. We are here to inspire community and support as we strive to live each day to the fullest. All participants who turn in a tracking sheet at the end of the challenge will be invited to our end-of-challenge celebration!

Join us…we’ve been waiting for you!!