Today I decided to try an Instagram challenge hosted by a fellow Holy Yoga instructor. Her challenge is to sit still and quiet your mind for just 10 minutes, shifting your focus from your “to-do” list to a place of intimacy with your Creator.

I wanted to take part in this challenge mainly because the focus was truly on the position of the heart, and not a fancy yoga position to post on social media. And to be honest, I haven’t been as great about creating the space for God as I’d like to this summer, and so I wanted to give the practice of sitting still daily an honest try. Easy right? Not so much.

Before I could even sit down in a quiet place, I had to sneak out the back door trying not to wake the kids or alert the dogs. It was actually cool in Texas this morning so I wanted to enjoy my quiet time outside. But before settling into my shady spot, I needed to spray the area for mosquitos. It’s hard to sit peacefully when you’re being eaten alive. Now I was ready to settle in, ready to be still. But oh wait, I forgot my tissue and now my nose is running. Quickly and quietly, I dart inside for tissue. I’m back outside now and ready to begin. Until the dogs spot me out the window and alert the whole house to my secret location. After running inside a third time to scold them, I am now ready to sit.

I let out an exhale and a big smile comes over my face. Until I hear the notification on my phone that my husband is texting me to ask why I’m outside and left the dogs inside? Seriously. Why did I bring my phone with me, I think to myself, and why is sitting still and quiet for 10 minutes so dang hard?

This is why I’m so excited to open Dwell Yoga, a Christian yoga studio here in Frisco, TX. Because finding time on our own to be with Lord isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s my desire to create a safe space for all who enter, regardless of level or faith, to simply dwell and abide in God’s love for us. Our intention is to provide classes that meet the diverse needs of our community, from beginner yoga classes to restorative and trauma sensitive, all the way to traditional vinyasas and slow flows. We also have kids yoga classes and teen yoga classes, all of which are Christ-centered and grace-filled.

I hope you will come unroll your mat with us this fall. Our beautiful building is under construction, but our goal is to be up and running this September, God willing. In the meantime, you can stay up to date with us on Facebook, Instagram, and on the website. Here you can schedule a class, purchase a membership and sign up for our newsletter.

Until then, I will continue with my sitting challenge, trying to make space each day for my Creator. Even if I don’t get to spend the full amount of time with Him that my heart desires, I know that His grace will cover it.

“And let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in their midst” (Exo 25:8)