Cynthia is a true research enthusiast and loves all things science. Her background of being a speech pathologist, cancer researcher and a paralegal for a large firm in Dallas prepared her for her love of yoga therapy and body movement! Cynthia says she will never stop learning and loves to share with anyone willing!

God brought yoga into Cynthia’s life when she lost herself physically, personally and spiritually. “I was trying to “perform” for other people’s approval and my body was shutting down. I loved how yoga awoke in me the connection of what was going on in my body physically. I began to connect with God on my mat as He worked in me to let go of the past, accept the present and love myself enough just as I am- as His Child”, says Cynthia.

Cynthia dove head first into Holy Yoga Teacher training, receiving her 225-hour certification in November of 2016 and went on to receive her Holy Yoga Therapy Certification in August of 2018. She is also certified and trained in Touch, Trauma-sensitive training, YIN and Y12sr (Yoga for 12 step recovery).

Cynthia says, “It is amazing to see how God yokes together the body, mind, heart and soul through yoga in a way only He can. I truly believe that God uses yoga as a tool to meet people where they are in life: spiritually, mentally and physically. It is my desire and my honor to be able to hold space either in a yoga class or a private session for others to allow God to do His ultimate healing.”