Andrea Olatunji is a ray of sunshine on any day. Her children describe her as funny and strict in the same breath. Her passion for fitness and life is contagious. She seeks joy in every moment of her day, and always challenges everyone to see the good in every situation. Andrea thrives in her busy home life, enjoying loads of activities with her college sweetheart, Michael, who practices medicine in Dallas when he is not at her side practicing yoga. She says her priority is always her family – one breath at a time. They are blessed with four amazing children.

Andrea found yoga after attending a class at her gym in 2006 after her second child was born. She says she immediately feel in love and practiced continuously throughout her third and fourth pregnancies. She began running in 2014 and trained for her first marathon in 2015 to celebrate her next decade of life. Her yearning for yoga returned once she began practicing an athletic style of yoga, where she trained and received her 200RYT via Hot Body Yoga in 2018.

Andrea’s passion for yoga aligns well with ImageChics, an organization she co-created in 2017 to empower women and girls to be bold, adventurous and relentless in their daily search for fulfillment. Her quest is to remind women to always maintain an identity that’s unique to them – an intrinsic, God-centered identity.

When not practicing and teaching yoga, Andrea also enjoys reading, listening to podcasts and watching her children from the sidelines of the soccer fields.

Andrea was raised in Nigeria, West Africa, and she credits her upbringing with her unique advantage of being a world citizen. In addition to her yoga teacher certification, Andrea holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology and she is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and practiced many years in the NNICU.